Lifton / Stiltz Duo Alta

This is the largest of the three vacuum elevators, capable of carrying three people or two people if one is in a wheelchair. Even our largest lift takes up less space in your home than other traditional elevators. Like all other vacuum elevators, the PVE52 does not need a separate space for machinery or additional room above and below the lift for a pit.


The Pollock Shaftless Elevator is one of our most popular choices for a home elevator due to the simplicity of installation, flexibility of the location, and three size options. Choose from the many custom options available in order to ensure compatibility with any home.

Lifton / Stiltz Trio Alta

The Lifton/Stiltz TRIO Home Elevator has an elegant curved profile, with a grey finish and soft white LED down lights, making it the ultimate travel experience.


Space-saving through-the-floor accessibility elevator, available with same-side, straight through or 90º entry and exit.