Versa Lift 250 lbs./Load


Three Ways to Switch: Wireless, Corded, or 2 Wall Switches (one up, one down)

  • The Wireless is most popular.
  • If in doubt, You can now field upgrade from a corded to wireless.
  • Three Year Warranty Standard on All Units
  • This unit has a 35 cubic foot, 250 lb. lifting capacity.
  • The lifting platform is 28.75″ x 56″.
  • Attic Floor Framing Opening Required: 30.5″ x 58.5″
  • Physical Dimensions of Model 32 (Upper Attic Frame & Control Head) 34″W x 69″L x 60″H
  • Vertical Attic Height Required=60″ Minimum

Three steps that will give you control of your stuff


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