Wessex Lifts is Quality and Safety is impeccable.  Innovating Lifts for 40 yrs.

Capable, Sophisticated, Spacious

With a design large enough to carry multiple passengers the VE 36 Still only uses a small floor space in the home.

Whilst expanding on the already rich functionality of the Elesse

Stylishly designed with a contemporary look but will also fit in any home.

Panoramic glazing on each side makes it seamless.

Future-proof your home with a Wessex Elevator. If you can no longer manage the stairs, and don’t want your staircase obstructed by a stairlift, VE Model lifts come in a different sizes this model probably the most dignified and stylish way to travel between floors. With cost value in mind as well this elevator does add value to your property.  Great for wheelchair use as well.



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