Lifton / Stiltz Duo Alta

Lifton / Stiltz Duo Residential Elevator


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    Stiltz Duo Alta is the newest addition to the Duo range and is a stylish, compact residential elevator which is elegantly curved and designed to compliment any style of décor; contemporary or traditional. It allows the seasons to flood into your home while enabling you to move around you home with comfort and convenience.

    Using dual rail technology, the freestanding Stiltz Duo Home Elevator is a self-supporting structure with no extra weight burden put on the home. This means the lift can be installed in places where other conventional residential elevators will not fit. The clever design also means there is no need for a lift shaft or separate machine room.

    It can be installed in as little as one day with minimal building work and disruption. From hallway to landing or family room to bedroom, the lift requires a remarkably small space of less than 6 sq ft – so the choice is yours.

    The Lifton DUO Home Elevator covers a footprint of only 4015/16″ x 2915/16″, including the rails. It is the perfect size to blend naturally into the background of a room, but comfortably accommodate two passengers side by side.

    Want a larger size? Check out the Lifton / Stiltz Trio Residential Elevator.

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    Stylish & compact residential elevator

    Powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system that is very quiet

    No need for a lift shaft or separate machine room