Liberty 3

Liberty 3 Home Elevator


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    The Liberty 3 elevator is not just a home lift; it's a statement piece that adds elegance and sophistication to any modern home. Its unique all-glass construction is a visual masterpiece, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who want to make a lasting impression. But beyond its stunning appearance, the Liberty 3 elevator is also designed with functionality and safety in mind.

    The elevator is designed to blend seamlessly into any home's architecture and style, ensuring that it's not just a practical addition but also a beautiful one. Its all-glass construction allows natural light to illuminate the interior, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the overall ambiance of the home.

    The Liberty 3 elevator offers unparalleled features that set it apart from other home elevators. With the ability to travel up to 13 feet and stop at multiple floors, it's perfect for multi-story homes. The elevator can also travel in different directions, providing homeowners with more flexibility and convenience. And with a weight capacity of 882 pounds, the Liberty 3 elevator can easily transport several people or heavy objects between floors.

    Versatility is one of the standout features of the Liberty 3 elevator. It comes with through-car access, same-side access, and a unique side access, giving homeowners the freedom to customize the elevator to their specific needs. This feature is particularly useful for homes that require a flexible elevator design to accommodate different users, including those with disabilities. The Liberty 3 elevator is an excellent investment for any homeowner who wants to ensure that everyone in the household can access all parts of the home with ease.

    At Home Lift Store, we are committed to providing our clients with the best home lift solutions on the market, including the Liberty 3 elevator. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to ensure that their elevator needs are met, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. We offer regular maintenance and inspection services to ensure that our clients' elevators are always in optimal working condition, providing peace of mind and exceptional customer service.

    We cater to clients across various locations in the State of Florida, including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale. We take pride in being a leading supplier of home lift solutions that enhance the mobility and accessibility of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help improve the quality of life in your home.

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    All glass design

    Versatile with options to stop at multiple floors and in multiple directions

    Robust, simple aesthetic