Importance of Future Proofing your Home in Florida

Future Proof your home with an Elevator or Home Lift.   How it has become one of the top list items to do here in Florida.  As we are all living longer and love our homes here in Florida.  Home Lift Store assists families though out the state of Florida in all major cities.  We are the number one go to Store for Elevator Solutions-FL. 

Our Elevator Solutions-FL we pride ourselves on working with the client to fit the best Elevator Solution-FL to the home for a residential elevator.  Elevator Solutions-FL have become a very popular way to go in comparison to the Curved Stairlift which we do offer as well.  Stairlifts are also a great solution to solving the issue with the stairs as well. 

With the Home Lift Store we do offer every brand available.  If you do not offer it then most likely we did install the equipment but for some reason was not a good fit for the Elevator Solution-FL. We offer installations in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Clearwater, Naples, Ocala, Jacksonville, Panhandle, Boca Raton, West Palm, Jupiter, Stuart, Vero Beach, Miami, to the Keys. 

Don’t just look at 1 brand elevator have a look at them all and decide which is best fit for your Residential Home or Commercial application.

For a Free Consultation give us a call 800-481-6169 or email us at  come see us by making an appointment.  Our showroom is opening in the Fall.