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Your one-stop-shop for all Brands of Elevators – come to our new showroom

There are many perks to having a lift, whether residential or commercial this increases accessibility, is more efficient than stairs (especially in homes or businesses buildings), and is an excellent alternative to curved and cramped stair-wells.

At Home Lift Store, we provide both residential and commercial elevator sales and installations – improving accessibility for all those in the USA and Florida area. 

However, our service will not end at the installation – we also provide aftercare services, warranties, and even architectural drawing and design if required.

We believe in exceptional customer service, and with our team of expert and professional installers, technicians, architects, and support team – we are here to serve you and improve your accessibility, regardless of your requirements.

Residential Elevator Installation

Having worked with thousands of clients, both residential and commercial, we understand your many needs and requirements when it comes to accessibility in the home.

Our home elevators vary in size, from large able to hold multiple people to our much smaller one-person lifts traveling one or more floors.

Regardless of how small you think the project is, we are here to support you – helping make your home accessible and a place you will enjoy full access to where you wish to spend your time.

Commercial Elevator Installation

Alongside residential elevator installation, we also provide commercial services. Whether looking for an upgrade from that old rusty lift shaft in your office or tired of using multiple flights of stairs several times per day, we are, once again, on hand to support you and your business needs.

No matter how big or small the installation, our team of highly qualified architects and installers can equip you with the very busy lifts in the industry – allowing you to spend less time climbing stairs and more time sitting behind the desk doing things that matter.

If unsure of what lift is best for you, whether commercial or residential based, the opening of our new showroom may just interest you.

The opening of our showroom in Florida 

As of fall 2022, we are expanding the Home Lift Equipment and services which we offer.

We are opening a Brand New Showroom in Florida; whether you’re based in Boca Raton, Miami, West Palm, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, or any of the surrounding areas in the United States, you are more than welcome to visit once open. 

Here, you can essentially ‘try before you buy’. All our top-of-the-line elevator brands will be available to see or use – both traditional and shaftless, commercial and residential. Ask any questions you may have, and also book an installation or a Free In Home Consultation if you so choose.

The Bottom Line 

At Home Lift Store, we are a group of industry leaders with over twelve years of experience installing elevators, have completed over 414 individual projects, and have a team of over 37 experts on hand to support you through every aspect, including design, installation, and warranty.

Let us improve accessibility, whether residential or commercial; we are here to support you.

We look forward to seeing you at our new showroom. [email protected]