Best Home Elevator Solutions in Florida

Residential elevator inside wall

Whatever your reason, whether age or disability, there comes a time when either a stairlift or home elevator becomes much a more convenient option as opposed to the stairs.

This is especially true for houses with multiple floors, with it often being inconvenient in some cases and painful to climb an endless number of stairs.

A home elevator solves this problem, allowing you to travel floor to floor with the ease of a button in our wide selection of modern elevators and stairlifts, one of the most popular of these elevators, however, is the traditional home lift.

The traditional home elevator can be retrofitted to any home most of the time.

The traditional home lift is one of our many products available from The Home Lift Store.

The traditional home lift has been installed in the USA for

a very long time – there’s a very good reason for this. 

The Residential Elevator itself is inherently simple yet contemporary, fitting into any home with both convenience and style.

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Alternative elevator solutions Florida

Although the traditional elevator is one that has been installed in many American households, that does not go to say that there are no other home elevator solutions for you.

Popular competitors for home elevators include the Elesse home elevator and the TeleCab, to name a few.

Elesse home elevator

The Elesse home elevator is a luxurious elevator designed for modern and future living. Holding up to two people with a personal interior finish, it would be an understatement to call this elevator ‘top of the line’.

Another model option is the TeleCab Elevator, but ultimately your choice is down to personal preference.

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TeleCab or TeleCab 17

A slightly different style than both the Elesse elevator and the Lipton elevator is the TeleCab.

The TeleCab is the first to be called the Vanishing Elevator, introduced in early 2000. Being a perfect elevator for any home, this home elevator can also safely carry up to two people for up to four floors and/or stops – great for large buildings, saving those legs for sitting rather than climbing stairs!

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What elevator should I choose for my home? 

This is entirely dependent on both your preference of style and efficiency.

If like many Americans, you’re a fan of contemporary and modern design, then the Eclipse elevator is a great choice!

However, we also have many other great elevators to choose from, such as the Elesse home elevator and the TeleCab, and even an Outdoor Elevator!

Likewise, we have many other products available.

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