Auto Attic Stairs

Automatic Attic Stairs | Majic Stairs

Home Lift Store is a provider of the Automatic Attic Lift assisting families all over Florida.  These Push Button Stairs are a great addition to any home.

You want to know why we are so excited! It is manufactured in our backyard.

Majic Stairs, is manufactured right here in Florida that builds the only true electric attic access stairs on the market. We are providing families a safe way to get to the attic, that is sturdy and easy solution to homeowners and businesses since 2015. Over 700 sets of Majic Stairs are installed across the USA.

Quality Matters made if high quality aluminum and is powder coated steel components.  Everyone of our Stairs are made in jigs to exact specifications resulting in high quality product the requires no maintenance at all.

Convenience This allows you to keep your items where you want with the convenience of a push of a button.  For a free in home consultation fill out our contact form and someone will call you to set the appointment.